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The Emerald Cave is a karst cave partially submerged by sea water, already spotted and reported in the nineteenth century, but officially discovered and published in 1932 by Louis Buonocore sailor. The cave is formed by a kind of high-domed ceiling about 24 meters, 60 meters long and 30 meters wide, and takes its name from the emerald hue that takes the water because of the sunlight filtered through a slit submarine.In ancient times it was placed above the sea level and within it were created, over time, stalactites and stalagmites, which in some sections are joined together, forming massive columns as high as ten meters And only after a phenomenon bradyseism, the floor of the cave has dropped, making it sink under water. In 1956, its backdrop, is home to an underwater crib, made from ceramic figurines; annually during the Christmas period, a group of divers places bundles of flowers at the foot of the Child Jesus. The cave was also used as a film set of the television drama Capri.

The Emerald Grotto is accessible by sea and by the SS 163, from which you descend by elevator.In the heart of Amalfi is a strange and wonderful world to explore, ready to enchant you with the spectacle of a prodigious nature. Just let go and gaze over the beautiful coastal views well known to end up in a kaleidoscope of exciting and unimaginable scenarios that will dazzle your eyes.The Natural Reserve "Valle delle Ferriere", an example of exceptional beauty, the variety will astound you with its colors, its light effects, its vegetation, alternating zones typical of tropical countries with the most familiar of our Mediterranean. You will enter an extraordinary oasis where the game creates sources of happy, as if by magic, charming and inviting dripping waterfalls: an incredible wealth of water, dispersing into the environment, gives birth to rare species of plants, such as the Woodwardia radicans "true" living fossil "dating back to the Tertiary away.Reported for the first time in 1710 by botanist Micheli, this "queen" of the pre-glacial flora, leaves giants, indivisible, that reach up to 180 cm in length, is typical of high rainfall in warm regions: India, China, Azores Spain and Portugal. In Italy is very rare. In addition to this reserve has been reported recently also in Ischia, Calabria and Messina.

But other women also live in the Valley of the flora, as some orchids in bright and varied colors and the "Pinguicola hirtiflora" pretty carnivorous plant, pink flowers, which love to feed on small insects.We are in an ideal habitat for many animal species, such as the spectacled salamander, amphibian harmless miniature, dark red, with two bright spots on the head that have the task of making its most terrifying. With a little 'luck looking in the bends of the river Canneto, as reported by the WWF, you might even spot the otter, intent to eat trout. Among the various appearances there are, again, aquatic insects such as dragonflies, caddisflies and efemere, leaping frogs, birds and other small mammals that will accompany you in this fascinating natural realm.

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When You book an apartment in Positano Apartment in Positano - Amalfi Coast , with us You'll realize how beautiful and magic this town is.

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The Emerald Grotto

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