The Devil's Throat Cave – Enter If You Dare

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The Devil's Throat is a chasm cave in Bulgaria, which is formed by the result of the collapse of the earth's layers. The cave is situated 2 kilometers North from Trigrad in Rodhopi Mountain. The main part of the cave is a big hall in which you can see the highest underground waterfall of the Balkan Peninsula.

This cave attracts tourists from all over the world with the magnificent Trigrad's gorge. First people are gathering before the cave and a guide will tell you much about the history of that place and will tell you how to act in the cave for your and everyone's safety. If there are any foreigners, the guides know many different languages and will tell them what to do. You can hear also about the legends connected with this cave. This will probably make the trip spookier.

The cave's name comes from the rocks round entrance which looks more like a gaping abyss. That is what the river of the Devil's Throat takes and never comes out from its exit. This is what the guide tells before everyone enters the cave. Years before, the risen water has swollen 500 cubic meters of wood and nothing came out from its exit on the other side. Many people have done experiments and they have been trying spilling colored water and waiting for it to come out. It really did but 2 hours later. The exit of the river siphon is very scary too. The place where the water comes out is called by the locals the Bottom of the Devil. There speleologists organize expeditions with rubber dinghies against the stream. Many Bulgarian and foreign speleologists were exploring the underground stream of the river. But it is still a mystery today. A legend tells that many people have met their death in the "Devil's Throat". However, this caves was taking victims in earlier times as well. In 1970 two skin-divers from Varna – Siyana Lutskanova and Evstati Yovchev disappear in the macabre throat. But now the visitors are happy with the luxury they find in the cave.  The stairs are well strengthened and there is absolutely no risk from slipping or falling if you follow the instructions of the guide. If you have decided to visit this mysterious place you should probably take convenient shoes and a jacket because the temperature in the cave is 8 degrees.

The water under the ground is falling from 42 meters and has made a huge hall called the Roaring Hall. It is impossible to hear whatever; the noise that the water makes is so loud. As you are going up you can see the biggest underground waterfall of the Balkan Peninsula.

A legend tells that here, Orpheus went to the underground kingdom of Hadess to save his mistress Evredika. The Thracians were flinging their leaders to become immortal, because they thought that the exit of the cave is beyond this world, this is the path to immortality. In honor of gods, people thought that they should sacrifice the most beautiful girls to placate the evil forces.

If you are true traveler by nature, after reading this article you will definitely spend your next holiday in Bulgaria (interesting, but little known fact is that the Danes commonly call this Bulgarien ferie). Do not miss to have the best time of your life.

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The Devil's Throat Cave – Enter If You Dare

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This article was published on 2010/12/03