Belize Charlie’s Cave tubing - Dynamic Cave-Tubing Tours In Belize

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From Mayan ruins in Belize to cave spelunking in Texas caving is back as an extreme sport. These adventures include cave exploration via zip line and cave tubing. Caving, more commonly known as spelunking in the United States, has a resurgence of interest. Zip line cave exploration is growing in popularity. Spelunkers explore caverns and caves often without professional guidance. Spelunking is the recreational exploration of caves. Speleology is the term used to describe the scientific study of caves and the ecological environment within caves.

Caving is a worldwide hobby of many spelunkers. Some entrepreneurs hope to make a living off of the sport and new cave exploration adventures such as tubing or associated sports like zip line cave exploration. Belize Charlie’s Cave tubing is one of the only ecological tours of Maya ruins in the world.

Several caves around the world are association with archaeological finds and offer an opportunity for spelunkers to experience a bit of ancient history. Caving is safer today than in generations past due to the availability of protective wear and equipment. This “extreme sport” has also generated some fantastical archeological and historic finds.

In 1925, Orville Lowery, of Hickory Hill, Illinois, discovered an artifact that may have changed the course of history. A nearby cave in Illinois was the holding place for hundreds of years for many objects from a tomb of Alexander the Great. There are 275 pieces total. Ninety-five are labeled. Many believe the cave to be an elaborate hoax. Others believe that ancient pirates hid their booty deep underground and before the state of Illinois was even an idea.

In Texas, Hinds cave protected genuine artifacts from the archaic age dating back to 6400 B.C. Tools, cordage, bone and shell tools, and even a basket are all surprising finds within the Hinds cave in south Texas houses many artifacts that help identify the lifestyle of the peoples who lived in that region thousands of years ago.

Even religion is distinctly different due to a caving find. The Dead Sea Scrolls, a collection of texts that include the Hebrew Canon, were found in a cave in Qumran in the West Bank of the shore of the Dead Sea. They are the earliest known manuscripts of those particular texts.

Whether spelunkers hope to find artifacts or adventure does not seem to be the thrill. Caving has intrigued generations and does not seem to be slowing in popularity. Vacationers wishing to add intrigue and adventure to often add a bit of underground tourism to the mix. In nearly every state in the United States there are caverns to explore often with tourist accessibility and handrails and no requirement of  climbing gear or specialized equipment.

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Belize Charlie’s Cave tubing - Dynamic Cave-Tubing Tours In Belize

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Belize Charlie’s Cave tubing - Dynamic Cave-Tubing Tours In Belize

This article was published on 2013/06/27